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Specializing in Indiana & Michigan Healthcare Reform

Hailey Campbell, Inc. an independent consulting firm that specializes in the individual health insurance marketplace exchange and the group health insurance exchange marketplace. We represent many of the leading individual health insurance carriers who provide varying health insurance plan types on our quote engine for individual and families, along with a wide range of employee benefit plan designs for the small and large group employer marketplace. We are confident our state of the art website can provide you with a quote and quick access to the Indiana and Michigan individual health insurance exchange marketplace product information, Healthcare Reform updates and much more. 

Short Term Medical

Short-term medical insurance offers a solution to individuals in need of temporary medical coverage. This short-term medical insurance policy protects against unforeseen accidents and sicknesses, appropriate for individuals between jobs, students, new employees waiting for coverage to begin, or any eligible person who is temporarily without health insurance coverage.

Plans may not be available in all states. Plans and rates may vary by state.

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