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What are Core Health Insurance Plans?

Core Health Insurance provides limited medical indemnity plans which are designed and priced to help people gain access or save money on healthcare.

Core Health Insurance provides Limited Medical Indemnity Insurance. Plan options can include:

  • Doctor Office Visits (adult and child)
  • Wellness Visits (adult and child)
  • Hospital and ICU benefits
  • Emergency Benefits
  • Surgery and anesthesia benefits
  • Accident medical expenses and more
  • Single or Family coverage
  • Freedom to choose any provider (Doctor, Hospital)

There are many useful ways to use these plans. Learn More

Which plan will benefit me?

Looking to save money, gain access to Limited Medical Indemnity Insurance, or supplement your current major medical plan?

Limited Medical plans are useful in many situations:

  1. These plans are "Guaranteed Acceptance*" and do not require medical questions or exams to qualify.
  2. Save money by supplementing current Major Medical Plan - If you have a major medical plan you can save money by increasing your current plan's deductible (out of pocket). Then take advantage of the Core Health Insurance Plans. For example, the "Value Plan" covers office, wellness visits, x-ray/lab and accident benefits.
  3. Often time's access to major medical coverage is restricted because of its higher cost. In such situations, Core Health Insurance is a valuable option.
** Based on eligibility (age and state availability)
* Members must be 18 years of age or older to purchase United States Fire Insurance Company Limited Medical Indemnity Insurance. Coverage is not provided for members age 65 or over. Coverage will terminate at the end of the month in which the member attains age 65. Not all membership plans are available in all states.
What is the difference between Major Medical and Limited Medical Indemnity Insurance?

It is important to understand the difference between major medical and Limited Medical Indemnity Insurance.

Major Medical plans typically cover a broad range of healthcare needs and are usually effective in covering serious illness or injury where health care costs are high. Major medical plans usually have a set amount, or deductible, for which the patient is responsible. Once that is paid, the plan covers most of the remaining cost of care, subject to co-pays or co-insurance paid by the patient.

Limited Medical Indemnity Insurance (Core Health Insurance) plans provide specific benefit amounts for specific medical care expenses due to an accident or sickness. Any costs incurred in excess of the stated benefit amount are the responsibility of the insured. Please review the plan benefits and limitations and exclusions to determine if they meet your needs.

Not available in all states (See FAQ's).
Plans may vary by state.
Underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company
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